What’s the Forecast For Your Business?

Today I want to talk forecasts.  We’ve all seen a meteorologic forecast on the news.  Mostly we expect the weather to be the OPPOSITE of what the meteorologist says.  They never seem to get it right, do they?

However, in your business, you want someone that WILL get it right.  You want to know what the next day, month, and hopefully the next year or more, has in store for your business.  You need to know what your expenses (the rainy days) will look like, and hope your income (the sunny days) outnumber that.  You need the sunny days to plan your projects, such as expansion into a new service or product offering, or building out a new warehouse, or buying some fancy new piece of machinery.  And the banks who finance you are going to want to make sure you can afford it too!  A well prepared forecast will help you with all of that.

Forecasts are fun for me.  To me, they are the sunshine and rainbows to your CPA’s doom & gloom of how much you owe in taxes.  I look at forecasts as a ‘where do you want to be in five years, if the sky is the limit?’ type of scenario.  Sometimes if you’re ambitious like me, it may be a 10-20 year plan.  Then you can break that down into smaller goals; achievable yearly goals.  It’s exciting to work with clients that get that “ah-hah!” moment of what they can really accomplish.  I think especially for entrepreneurs, that big dream is invigorating and motivating.

So what does the weather forecast have in store for you?  I hope you have a beautiful, sunny, SoCal-perfect forecast ahead for your business.

If you’re not sure, feel free to reach out and see if this is something I can help your business benefit from.