Outsourced CFO/Controller

As your business grows, you’re going to need to hire some staff.  If you already have some administrative staff that handle your bookkeeping, but someone with an administrative background may not know the best practices in accounting.  Not saying you need to hire a supervisor to sit and watch them work, but what about a controller or CFO to come in an hour or two a week to train your staff?  It’s a cost-effective option to give you a high-end accounting department at a fraction of the cost.

Our staff have many years of experience managing and leading teams.  We are experienced in:

  • Implementing accounting policies and procedures, and internal controls.
  • Overseeing, mentoring and directing accounting teams.
  • Preparing quarterly and annual financial reports and presenting these to management.
  • Monitoring company financial health, performing financial analysis.
  • Preparing annual budgets, rolling cash forecasts, multi-year planning, cost accounting.
  • Preparing for and coordinating audits and tax preparation if you use an outside CPA.
  • Human resource management in recruitment, management, compensation, personnel issues, employee policies and procedures, and benefits and payroll administration.


We work with you and your management team to develop an objective, implement project plans and a timeline, and work with you to reach your company goals (never thought about yourself as management team before, did ya?!)