Key Performance Indicator Report for Nonprofit

As I sit here wondering what to talk to you about this week, I think about the work sitting on my desk.  The first thing that I think about is a KPI report I created for my nonprofit client.

I have an amazing nonprofit I work with once a week.  They do amazing work, with a great group of kids.  Every month, we provide financial reports from QuickBooks to the board for approval.  Our board comes from a diverse background, and sometimes we get into discussions of why numbers are where they are.  To be honest, sometimes those aren’t very fruitful conversations (like what is Undeposited Funds account, and why is there money in it?)  So I talked to the executive board, and starting next week, we’re making changes to the reports given to the general board.

This week I developed a Key Performance Indicator report for them.  It lays out the grants we’re going after, and if we’ve received funding on those.  It lays out our general fundraising goal and shows where we are on that.  It shows what our bottom line was for the previous month, and I added some metrics to it to show how much we’re making for every dollar spent fundraising, and also how much every dollar spent on fundraising costs us.  I’m excited to present it to the board next week and get their feedback on what else they think is valuable information for guiding the organization.  I talked to a friend yesterday, and we were both geeked out over the reports we had created.  So far, this is a report I could frame and hang on my wall.  But we’ll see if the board agrees.

I really want to help this nonprofit crack the current ceiling on their fundraising, but to be honest, I’m not sure how.  I don’t know that my work with the financials is good enough.  So I’m hoping the KPI report will help the board visualize where they are, and where they should be.  Maybe even give them insight into what it takes to run the place and incentivize them to raise more.  I’m thinking adding a wish list to the report.  Kind of a “what if” we go over our fundraising goals. Things that are on our administrative and operational goals, but we can’t specifically raise funds for.  Like a grant writer.  An administrative assistant.  New admin computers.  Those kinds of things.