Rockstar XERO

My blog today is going to differ slightly from what it’s been the past few months.  Today I want to shout out Xero for making my life easier.

Yes, yes, I know.  I’ve been a QuickBooks person for… let’s see…. Yeah.  That many years.  But as office automation is becoming easier for small businesses to adopt, I’ve been moving with the times.  No more spending all my time at client locations on their QuickBooks desktop entering transactions.  The majority of my clients are on some form of cloud-based accounting program.  And let me tell you.  Bank feeds are GREAT.  They have really simplified a lot of the manual data entry I did.  I still have to do a lot of cleanup, but as more apps get linked, that cleanup becomes simpler.  This is really allowing me to focus on the financial analysis for my clients and help them understand their business and how they’re really doing financially.

Last week I was at an accounting business leader’s forum.  There were a few great sessions, but one of the attendees was a Xero guy.  Just that morning I was working on cumbersome data entry project for a client that hadn’t linked their bank accounts in Xero, and I was trying to manually enter 600+ checks.  A jump of about 500% over the previous year.  I complained to him about how tedious it was.  He promised to get me a solution.

And he did!  A couple days later he sent over a spreadsheet for the data entry portion (still manual, but that’s OK), and detailed instructions on how to upload the spreadsheet into Xero to make my data entry SO much easier.  It’s so much more efficient to hit tab & enter on a spreadsheet than to keep using the mouse to move to the appropriate fields.  And the spreadsheet eliminates most of the redundancies in the online platform for one-off entry.

Can QuickBooks do the same thing?  Yeah, probably.  But Xero had a live person to talk to face to face, that really “got” my issue.  I’ll still have a ton of work to do to get this client’s 2017 caught up.  But bank feeds are mostly live now, so 2018 should be a lot easier to manage.  Once the bookkeeping is cleaned up, I’m excited to help the client start growing their business.  Let’s reach for the stars!