Moving – Again

In a departure from the norm…. which is turning out to be weekly, I think…. I’ll give my usual quarterly “things are changing!” blog!

For the past two years, I’ve been sharing an office with a great friend of mine.  At the same time in 2016, we each had to look for new office space, and decided sharing an office would be a great idea.  And it really was.  We have had so much fun here!  Flash forward two years, and her business model has evolved (as has everyone’s, I think!) and the office is no longer reasonable for her.  So I’ve been looking at new space.

While I was driving home from looking at one prospect, I asked myself “if I could work in any building and cost was no objective, where would I want to work?”  I looked up and saw this building with a big FARMERS INSURANCE sign on it.  That’s the building wanted, but figured it was probably all Farmers Insurance, so didn’t even give it to my Realtor when I was discussing wants/needs for my new space.  At the same time, four separate people mentioned co-working space to me, so I finally looked into the company they suggested.  Guess what?!  They have the 10th floor of the Farmers Insurance building I wanted so bad!  And at a decent price.

So, sometime in June I’ll be moving.  I’m sad to leave my current space.  I’m comfortable here.  But the tradeoffs!

Current office:


  • Love my office partner
  • Office is light & airy
  • My furnishings, my decorations. Her decorations are all tropical, so I love the sense of tranquility they bring too.
  • 24/7 Access & gate locked during non-business hours


  • The office isn’t in the greatest neighborhood
  • The neighbors are loud.
  • 9 miles away, straight down Sherman Way. During peak times, that’s 20 minutes each way.
  • 24/7 access, but don’t park in the alley if you don’t want to get accosted by the transients.

New Office:


  • 1 miles from home. If I re-work my schedule so I have all my appointments at client offices on the same day, I can walk/bike to work 2-3 days a week.
  • Warner Center. ‘Nuf said.  But really, it’s right where I do all my shopping, networking, socializing, etc.  So it’s VERY conveniently located to my life.
  • Co-working space has such an amazing vibe & energy. Everyone there WANTS to be there.  They’re there to work.
  • Flexible space. Yes, I’ll have my own private office, and I’m bringing my own furniture, but if I don’t want to be in my hole, I can go into the shared working space and absorb the energy from everyone else.
  • Management hosts regular networking & social get-togethers. I’ll get to know the people in the office.  I already know at least one.
  • It’s a huge office complex, so plenty of people to meet & network with outside of the office.
  • It’s in my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE shopping center – the Village at Topanga.
  • 24/7 access in a controlled access building. Have to have a keycard to get to the elevator and onto my floor.  Very secure when working late or on the weekend.
  • My gym is across the street. Instead of a 20 minute drive each way on my lunch break, It’ll be a 5 minute walk.  Cuts my lunch break back down to just over an hour.


  • Rent is about double what I currently pay. But business is picking up, and I think I can afford it.  (This is the BIGGEST issue for me, being a budget person.  I didn’t anticipate this!)
  • Did I say it’s in my ABSOLUTE FAVORITE shopping center – the Village at Topanga? Happy hours at Joey may become a daily thing, and that’s bad for the budget as well.
  • This is my busy season and taking two-three days away from work to handle this move impacts the deadlines I’m already under.
  • I’ve never biked/walked to work. The logistics are baffling.  How do I get my gym clothes back & forth every day?  What about lunches?  I don’t want to look like a bag lady walking that 1.1 miles with my entire life’s belongings with me!


Do I think this will be beneficial?  ABSOLUTELY!  I love my work, and I can definitely see myself spending more time at the office.  I see more late(er) nights, possibly some weekends, and definitely more productivity since I’ll be surrounded by other hard-working entrepreneurs and professionals.