How We Serve….Retail Businesses

Are you watching the last presidential debate tonight?  Many are.  Whether you are voting for Obama or Romney, as a small business owner you are painfully aware that things will change come January 2013 in regards to the way business is done, primarily with regards to taxation.  I certainly don’t have all the answers, or even have a firm grasp yet on what exactly will happen.  So much is riding on the outcome of the elections, that even the politicians are saying they are waiting until after Election Day to make any decisions.  I will keep you updated as much as I can on how things turn out for us.

Even if we don’t know what’s going to happen, we can control one thing, and that’s how we use the tools we have to make a positive impact on our own businesses.

Since Your Accounting Pros are QuickBooks ProAdvisors, it’s natural that we recommend QuickBooks products.  But QuickBooks really does have outstanding  products for retail, and they really stream-line sales, reporting, and all front & back office activities.

First, QuickBooks has a fantastic bundled program of POS (point of sale) along with a cash register drawer.  I bought one for a client for about $250 from Amazon.  They already had a computer running Windows and a large monitor.   My clients operation is very simple, they don’t track inventory, just needed the cash-handling side of the software.  You can download that part for free if you already have your cash register.

I loved the program.  They were able to run drawer count reports, busy time of day reports, and they were able to pull end of the day reports for ANY day, as well as a weekly sum function.  Those were GREAT for balancing the register and reconciling sales with their back-office version of QuickBooks Premier.

QuickBooks also has a fancier version for tracking inventory, multiple cash registers, etc. That’s pricier, and frankly, I don’t know many small businesses that need something THAT sophisticated.

The awesome part of this software is it integrates fully with whatever version of QuickBooks you’re running in your back office.  It can automatically “dump” your daily sales from POS into QuickBooks in the back office.

OK, enough about QuickBooks for now, you want to know how WE help you.  We will help you track your inventory and sales through whatever method you choose to use.  Just because we’re ProAdvisor for QuickBooks doesn’t mean that’s all we use.  I personally have experience with PeachTree (although in all honesty, it’s been some time).  I also have experience with just using Microsoft Excel.

  • We can also handle making the journal entries to your cost of goods sold on a regular basis (usually quarterly).
  • If you pay your employees commission, we’ll take care of your payroll and commission payments.
  • We can set inventory order points and create your purchase orders so you can receive inventory against purchase orders.
  • We will handle all of your bill payments, track cash on hand, and reconcile all accounts.
  • We will provide you with cash flow reports, help you monitor your best sellers, and provide you with dashboard reports.

Is there something we didn’t list that you’d like?  Let me know, and I’m positive we can help you with it!