“Lydia, I’ve got a great bookkeeping referral for you!”

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I hear that at least a couple times a week.  Sometimes it is, sometimes it isn’t.  I don’t mind if it isn’t, because it still means I was top of mind for whoever was giving me the referral, and I truly appreciate and value that!

As my business evolves, some referrals that were great in the beginning, or even a couple years ago are no longer ideal referrals.  Some could be ideal, IF the referral were educated on what I truly do.

For example:  I’m working on a project right now for a business owner that’s behind in their bookkeeping and therefore behind on their taxes.  Why are they behind?  Their business is growing like crazy, and the owner no longer has the time to do the bookkeeping themselves.  I LOVE clients that are growing rapidly!  I don’t like that this client only want me to catch up their data entry.  The CPA that referred the client to me only understands what I do as a bookkeeper, not as a management accountant.  It’s likely my fault for not making sure he was clear on the full suite of services I provide to my clients, and the value that has for them, and him by extension.

This client could benefit so much by understanding where their money is being spent, and being educated on simple things like separating business from personal and not piercing the corporate veil.  With their rapid growth, a forecast of where they could be in a year or three would be so much fun to prepare!  They prepare budgets for their projects, but don’t currently have a budget for their own business.  How awesome would it be to see where they are on that!  What about a wrap-up report of what their budget was per project, what they actually spent, and what their profit was?  They could then implement a profit-sharing plan with the other principals in the business, or a good financial advisor could show them how to move those profits into some kind of investment – and demonstrate the tax savings the client could realize at the same time!

Alas, this client only wants data entry, not a trusted partner giving them advice to make their business better, nor taking away the day-to-day stress of the accounting, freeing their time to spend with spouse and kids.

If you have a client that wants to do better, give them my contact info so we can explore the fun ways to take some of the stress off their shoulders and really achieve their dreams!

Since I’m in my new office (yay!) here’s my contact info so you don’t have to click around:

Lydia Davenport
Office:  818.936.2153
6303 Owensmouth Ave, 10th Floor
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