March Update: REBRANDING!

Things have been really busy here at Your Accounting Pros!  Here are some highlights:

It’s been raining in Los Angeles.  I know, you already knew that, but it’s a major highlight for everyone in the southland, I think!

Rebranding.  Since what we do is so much more than bookkeeping, we’re refocusing on what we really do for clients – outsourced controller.  We still do the day-to-day bookkeeping and data entry for existing clients, but putting more emphasis on a holistic approach to the accounting.  If you’re not succeeding as a business, let’s find out why, and figure out how to fix it.  We’re helping set goals, finding ways of tracking and improving things like our client’s customer satisfaction or employee downtime.  We’re translating the financial reports you may look at every month into meaningful information that you, as the business owner, can actually understand and act on.  It’s a lot more of strategic partnership than just bookkeeping.  It’s really important to us that we bring as much value to our services as possible.  The ultimate goal is that you see us as much more than just a necessary evil, but that we’re your go-to source for any question you have (even if it’s where’s the best place for coffee, which is currently my office and espresso machine!).

Time management:  Just like you, we have our issues with time management.  Social media has been shuffled off to the nights/weekends (buh-bye Twitter Tweeter!).  Meetings and client appointments are no longer scattered throughout the day and week.With the recent retirement and sale of our largest client, much more time will be spent in the office.  This is freeing up almost 20 hours per week, which is HUGE for being able to take on bigger and more complex cases.  If you have a large project you’ve been putting off, now is the time to toss it our way and see what we can get done!

Volunteering:  Volunteering has always been an important part of the business plan.  We purposely do not work Friday-Sunday so we can give back.  Volunteering is increasing on Fridays from a few hours to a full day.  It’s so nice to give back and step away from the daily focus on money and desire to “make it”, to bring a ray of sunshine to those that are worse off than us.   And honestly, it puts everything in perspective, and keeps it there for the week.  Volunteering is our way of recharging the batteries, and one of the best times to be had all week.