Yup.  This is why you came to us, right?  You need a bookkeeper, or you at least THINK you want a bookkeeper!

Here’s what we’re good at:

  • Getting the money IN.  This means billing your customers, assessing finance charges if necessary, sending statements, and some light collection activities.  Sometimes customers will dispute bills, so we can research where the charges came from to explain it, or  if they thing they paid more than they did, we can prepare reports to show what they paid, when, and how it was applied to their outstanding balance.
  • The ugly part – sending the money OUT.  Unfortunately, running a business means you have bills ( how I WISH that wasn’t the case!!).  We can match the bills up with your receipts, pay the bills on a schedule, cut the checks, file the paid bills in your preferred method, verify statements, and follow up with billing discrepancies.

As a business owner, we know this is the most hated part!  We wish there was a way to make it painless, but any time you see the bank balance go down, it’s painful.  We’re sorry!

  • Reconciliations.  We will reconcile your bank accounts (business checking, merchant, savings, etc), credit card statements, and any line of credit or loans that you have.
  • Miscellaneous stuff.  Run reports for you so you know where you stand?  A good profit & loss statement will help you decide if you’re on the right track or not.
  • Payroll!  You gotta pay yourself and your employees.  We can process timecards, input the payroll, and cut the checks.  If you’re running a version of QuickBooks, we can also do the payroll taxes for you based on your company’s filing periods.
  • Cash.  Yay!  Rolling in cash!  Seriously, we hope you are.  If you run any kind of a cash base in your business (read – retail, restaurant, etc), we can process your daily receipts, balance the cash register, and process daily/weekly deposits.
Our service is superior because we are equipped to work on both Mac and PC platforms, and are especially skilled at handling bookkeeping in a virtual or cloud-based environment, so our we do not need to travel to our clients offices, and our clients can be as far away as China!